How We Work

Jubilee Campaign tackles the causes of injustice by effective lobbying and transformational charitable action to deliver real and lasting change for Children at Risk. We lobby political authorities and have campaigned at the United Nations since 1989. We also work through dynamic local partners to ensure our support goes directly to strategic urgent needs where we know our contribution isn’t wasted or duplicated. This is how we have made a difference in the lives of children forgotten by the world.

It's a Penalty Campaign

A new campaign called ‘It’s a Penalty’ is to be launched on 4th of February 2014 at CEOP headquarters to address the issue of children being sexually exploited in the commercial sex trade around the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. 


Ugandan father Hudson Semwanga showing the scars his seven year old son Alan Ssembatya received during a failed child sacrifice ritual in October 2009.

End Child Sacrifice

Child Sacrifice in Uganda is on the increase. This is an intensely disturbing phenomenon that is driven by superstition, exploitation, witchcraft and extreme poverty. Jubilee Campaign and Kyampisi Childcare Ministries have launched an international campaign to stop this gruesome crime. 

Asha, rescued from sex slavery, now working for Jubilee Campaign.

Rescue The Children

Over ten years ago, Rev K K Devaraj took Danny Smith inside Bombay’s sex industry to reveal girls in danger of being sold into slavery – and a remarkable partnership was created to rescue children at risk. Now, with four homes outside the city and a shelter in the red light district, over 100 children like Glory have been rescued from sex slavery in India, and started a new life within a loving family environment.

Six year old Rosie imprisoned in the Philippines.

Kids Behind Bars

Fr Shay Cullen used his camera as a weapon when he found Rosie crying for her mother in a jail in Olongapo city. He took her photo and demanded that she be set free - this haunting iconic photograph documents that defining moment.

It was a moment of despair to witness the circumstance of the poor and dispossessed, but also a moment of hope with the knowledge that his action secured the child’s release. Little has changed in the Philippines prison system since that day several years ago when Fr Shay found 6-year-old Rosie behind prison bars clutching a drinks can and crying her heart out for her mother.

The view from a brothel in Bombay.

End Child Prostitution

Jubilee Campaign is taking direct action to combat this 21st century evil. Child prostitution is a crime against humanity that has to be stopped. The victims must be cared for. The guilty must be punished.

An image from the film City of God.

Stop Killing Street Children

Inside Brazil’s Killing Zone: The Brazilian film "City of God" was nominated for an Academy Award and has been hailed as a classic of world cinema. The film’s violent though realistic portrayal of life inside a favela isn’t a Hollywood concoction – as David Alton’s powerful report reveals. WARNING: These articles contain graphic and violent material and may shock.

Chen Guangcheng - The barefoot lawyer.

Campaign For Chen

Just before Christmas the blind Chinese Human Rights activist, 34-year-old Chen Guang Cheng, was given a four year prison sentence.  He was convicted after first exposing and then speaking out against the policy of forced abortions and sterilisations in the Shandong Province of China.