BBC News report on Child Sacrifice in Uganda is the result of many months of work by Jubilee Campaign that enabled Chris Rogers to go undercover to report this story. Due to legal restriction on the BBC, they were not able to explain in this report that the main purpose of our campaign is to seek a change in Ugandan law; at the moment there is no law to deal with the issue of child/human sacrifice, so while the witch doctors may be arrested for murder, those who commission them to sacrifice a child do not. Please sign our petition right now and add your voice to the thousands of people who want an End Child Sacrifice in Uganda.

We have also launched a Survivors Fund and are helping Alan Ssembatya with his very serious medical issues. We are compiling Alan’s medical file and considering the best option for his treatment; we have already identified possibilities in South Africa and India and we are also exploring options for him to be treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Of course, the first step is to establish a strong financial base. If you are able to make a donation towards Alan's care or the Survivors Fund which helps other children including George Mukisa who has been similarly mutilated.

Part two of the report is on human trafficking from Uganda and the practice of witchcraft rituals in the UK involving children.