I want to tell you how lives are being transformed by a Scholarship Program in memory of my beloved daughter Jessica – and to thank everyone who helped us to achieve this. The Jessica Smith Scholarship Program was started with a personal gift of 3,000 euros by our friend Father Shay Cullen in the Philippines after he established this simple but effective program to provide opportunities for “Children at Risk” and young people who can’t afford further education.

Fr Shay visited us recently and told me that the young ‘scholars’ are making good progress. He reminded us that investing in education is the single most effective way of reducing poverty, ‘This is a beautiful way to remember Jessie, something that will live on and on. Giving new life to the impoverished is best done this way as whole lives, families and generations are greatly influenced through education, especially for young girls.’

The past season of time has not been easy as I struggle with this indescribable loss in my life. That is why I am particularly grateful to Father Shay who has created this special way to remember Jessica with this important scholarship program that can make such a difference in the lives of “Children at Risk” in the Philippines.

Jessica was active in Jubilee Campaign from an early age and this charitable tribute has been set up in her memory to complete her unfulfilled dreams to help vulnerable children.

I would be truly touched if you would consider sending Jubilee Campaign a gift for the Jessica Smith Scholarship Fund. As a result of your gift, we will be able to help even more children with their education in 2013. Thank you for considering my request.

Thank you also to all those who support us regularly. Your prayer, action and gifts have helped to change lives.

Danny Smith

Founder and International Director